Percal Lyocell 100″ - 65 % Lyocell / 35 % Coton

Category : Poly-Cotton

Item number : 2853398



Many people think that there are only two categories of fabrics: natural fibers (such as wool, hemp, cotton, ramie, and silk) and man-made fibers synthesized from petrochemicals (such as polyester and nylon). But contrary to what many think, the lines between these two groups are easily blurred and Lyocell is right in between.

Lyocell is indeed a plant-based fiber, but it is also treated with synthetic substances. This means that it is neither entirely natural nor fully synthetic: it is in between. And technically speaking, this makes it a semi-synthetic  fiber.

The manufacture of Lyocell begins with the harvesting of wood, which often comes from eucalyptus  trees. Nevertheless, it is also common to find Lyocell made from oak, bamboo and also birch